Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Is it truly all but five months since I got on here?   When my Mum used to tell me "time goes faster as you get older" I used to think she was a bit odd, but here I am saying precisely the same thing.   Where did it go, that five month missing link?   Well I had a week away in Gran Canaria over the Christmas period - my first one away and I enjoyed everything about it - new place, new people and best of all, really hot sunshine day in and day out all week!   Seemed strange to spend Christmas Day in a Tshirt in the mountains, but it was splendid.

Since then I have also had a visit from my daughter for her Scrapbooking Retreat, then she and I both went off to Italy to stay with my son and his wife in their beautiful hotel (have a peek at and a few days away with the new man in my life at Gunton Hall to do some walking and visiting places along the Suffolk Coast.   Such a shame it was bitterly cold and we all but got blown away along Southwold seafront!!

Have just returned from the A Trip Down Memory Lane Retreat weekend - absolutely fantastic as ever and I got a huge amount of scrapping done as well as making a metal-embossed photo frame and various other bits.   Here are some photos of some of the layouts.   Will post a photo of the frame once I have taken one!!

My up-coming travels include a trip to Centre Parcs at Elveden, a week's walking in Cadiz and then some weeks homesitting in France, so more chances to explore the countrysides and take some photos for my scrapbooks.

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  1. aww mum these are super, didnt you do some nice stuff. I love all these, well done and thanks for showing.