Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunny Sundays

Glorious warm and sunny day, so I have been off to a special Orchid Day today at a local nursery (I grow orchids - lots of them!)   Bought two new beauties - and more beautiful because they were two for one, and also I had a Garden Voucher waiting to be spent too, so they cost me absolutely zilch.   Got a large tub for my blueberry and some plug plant geraniums to make up the total, so am a very happy teddy!!   Must get out there and pot on the little plug plants in the greenhouse now!

Here is a layout I have done for a House Challenge on UKS.   You had to interpret the word Joy and for me, it means the sight of all those fields of poppies in France - showing you don't need to weedkill everything under the sun, or we would never see these glorious flowers!!

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