Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Rural France

Have moved from my daughter's to my sister's in France now for a few days, as I return to the UK on Saturday after almost a month out here in this glorious countryside.   Weather is sunny and have spent the morning in Marciac at the market watching the world go by.   Life is so much slower and gentler here and totally uncommercial - rather like the UK in the 50's.  


  1. Hurrah! Welcome to the land of blogging! It's a lovely looking blog, I don't know what you were so worried about!
    Samm xxx

  2. Well done Patty on getting it all set up! Look forward to seeing lots of lovely stuff on here!

  3. blimey mum, that shocked me - was expecting to see a blank page. WELL DONE. How about adding a photo of you at your sisters (or here) in rural France?

    1. got to figure out how to put a pic on first!!